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King Rene's Daughter

(Three reels of approx. 3,000 feet, July 1, 1913)

Print source: Blackhawk Films/David Shepard, 41 minutes 53 seconds.

Directed by W. Eugene Moore, Jr. Scenario (uncredited) based on the poetic drama “Iolanthe” by Henrik Heri.

Cast: Maude Fealy (Iolanthe), Harry Benham (Tristan), Mignon Anderson, David H. Thompson (Ebu Jahia), William Russell (Pierre).

New and original music composed and performed by Raymond A. Brubacher.

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A very romantic fiction  is set in renaissance France with florid, rich costuming. The story was originally a one-act verse play in Danish, “Iolanthe,” which also enjoyed great popularity in a fine English translation for the stage.


Maude Fealy made her Thanhouser debut in the title role, and became a much-admired member of the Thanhouser stock company. Previously she had been a beauty contest winner and had a solid career on the legitimate stage.


Compared to just a year earlier, cinematic progress is seen in the increased narrative complexity and length, more confident use of inter-titles, and more flexible camerawork sometimes following actors’ movement.

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