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Her Nephews from Labrador

(One reel split reel with short subject: Los Angeles the Beautiful at the end, January 26, 1913)
Print source: Museum of Modern Art, 12 minutes 38 seconds.
Cast: Billy Noel (a nephew), Ed Brady (a nephew).
Alternate (British release) title: The Nephews from Labrador.
Original music composed and performed by Ben Model.

The young men from Labrador can't keep cool in the middle of a severe winter. They skate on the ice, attired simply in bathing suits, and plunge repeatedly into the icy water. There is no faking in the picture.

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Can’t-believe-your-eyes authenticity of film is found in Her Nephews from Labrador, a lighthearted story as a vehicle for two New Rochelle residents, Billy Noel and Ed Brady. They were locally famous for the antics they portray here without stunt doubles and without any deception—ice skating in their bathing suits and swimming in an icy pond in New Rochelle’s Hudson Park. 

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