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The Soap Suds Star

(One reel of 1,025 feet, released October 28, 1915, Falstaff)
Scenario by Lloyd F. Lonergan.
Print source: Museum of Modern Art, 14 minutes, 38 seconds.
Cast: Carey L. Hastings (Sophie, the star), Reginald Perry (husband).
Original organ score composed and performed by musician Andrew Crow.

Comedy about a down-and-out vaudeville team who attempt Shakespeare and destroy their career.

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Theater, particularly vaudeville, has been an endless source of material for movies. This energetic comedy features a down-and-out actor and a funny laundry proprietor who are hired as a vaudeville act. They become a big hit, but when they try Shakespeare, they destroy their showbiz career.

The Soap Suds Star was released under the Falstaff banner, the comedy arm of Thanhouser.

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