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Young Lord Stanley

(One reel of approximately 1,000 feet, October 25, 1910)
Print source: Library of Congress, 13 minutes 35 seconds.
Scenario by Lloyd F. Lonergan.
What appears to be the title of this print, “His Only Son,” may be a later alternate title or may be the first inter-title card.
Cast: Justice D. Barnes (Father of girl)
Original music composed and performed by Ben Model.

A nobleman stoops to manual labor when his funds grow low and falls deeply in love with his employer's daughter.

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Some of Lloyd F. Lonergan’s recurring storytelling themes are the basis for this simple, engaging and unlikely story—indomitable young romance, inheritance, classism, and wealth. Thanhouser makes especially rich use of one of its strengths, a variety of location exteriors. Even its interior sets, though still small, are more realistic than a few months earlier.

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